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Classic car insurance

You know what’s best for your classic car under the hood, but what about the best classic car insurance? Whether it’s a muscle car, hot rod or a fully restored 1960s van, Nationwide has partnered with Katrina Insurance to keep you covered with collector car insurance designed for the unique needs of classic car collectors.

Features of Nationwide classic car insurance by Katrina Insurance

Guaranteed Value® coverage

The policy guarantees to pay the full insured amount, minus a deductible, for a covered total loss.

Lower premiums

Classic car insurance is up to 43% lower than standard auto insurance. So you can protect your investment for less.

Flexible usage

Allows limited pleasure use with no fixed mileage limits.

Access to the experienced claims team at Katrina Insurance

The in-house claims team at Katrina Insurance is trained in the art of classic vehicle repairs.

Repair shop of choice

When it comes to repairing and maintaining your collector car, it's worth it to be choosy. You decide who should do the work.

Nationwide classic car by Katrina Insurance covers a wide range of collector vehicles

  • Antique and classic cars

  • Muscle cars

  • Classic trucks and utility vehicles

  • 1980 or newer collector cars

  • Collector motorcycles and scooters

  • Modified vehicles – like hot rods, tuners and low riders

  • Antique tractors

  • Collector race cars

  • Motorsports protection

  • Classic military vehicles

  • Kits and replicas

  • Retired commercial vehicles

  • Vehicles under construction

  • Collector trailers

Does your vehicle qualify for classic car insurance?

To qualify for collector car insurance you must meet the following requirements:


The classic car policy allows you to use your collector vehicle for club functions, exhibitions, organized meets, tours and even occasional pleasure driving. As long as it's not your daily driver, it qualifies for classic car insurance.


Though we prefer that collector vehicles are stored in an enclosed, secure structure when not in use — such as a private garage, pole barn or storage unit — we will consider other storage types, including:

  • Carports

  • Driveways

  • Parking garages

  • Car hauling trailers

Regular-use vehicles

All household members with a valid driver’s license must have a regular-use vehicle for daily driving to qualify for classic car insurance. Motorcycles and public transportation are not considered regular-use vehicles in most cases.

Classic truck coverage

Collector trucks can also be covered by classic car insurance. We understand that you might have different uses in mind for a truck, which is why we offer specialized collector car insurance coverages. Talk to your agent about how hauling and towing can be considered on a limited basis under a classic car policy.

Available classic car insurance coverage

- Collision

- Theft

- Other damage

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