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Why homeowners insurance is a Perfect Christmas Gift This Year?!

Homeowners insurance is a great gift for the holidays. Not only will it protect you and the gifts you put under the tree, but it also will give your family peace of mind. When thinking of that ideal present for your loved ones this holiday season, consider home insurance. Here are a few reasons it will take stress away from your busy holiday season:

Home fires

It should come as no surprise home fires are more frequent during the holidays. This is due to several factors.

The biggest reason is candles. While they are considered a holiday staple, they can also been dangerous if neglected. The National Fire Protection Association noted that home fires caused by candles increase in December. In fact, the top three days a year for home fires are typically Christmas, Christmas Eve and New Year's Day. Too often, people leave candles near curtains, beds or even too close to the Christmas tree, which is itself another culprit of holiday home fires.

Christmas trees can serve as fire hazards, as stringing them with hot bulbs can be dangerous—especially if the tree is too dry. While this is more frequent in real trees than fake trees, the risk is still present. People tend to place trees in a focal point of the room, and if it is the room where everyone is going to be gathered, chances are the fireplace is in that room as well. It is not uncommon for a spark to go the wrong way. Take the necessary precautions when placing your candles and your tree—not too close to the fireplace. And finding safe bulbs that won't get too hot is not difficult, but important.

Also, be mindful of your oven. With family and guests, the holidays encourage you to use your kitchen to its fullest. Whether you are warming meals in the oven or heating eggnog on the stove, it is constant heat that needs to be monitored and can sometimes be forgotten in the mix of celebrating.


Sadly, robberies increase during the holiday season. This can be because of packages delivered to your door and left outside for just a minute too long, or your back seat is full of boxes and your car is broken into. It is important to note that gifts stolen from your car are not covered by auto insurance but by home insurance, as they are not permanent parts of the car, they are pieces of personal property.

If something should happen to your Christmas gifts this year, you don't want to go and replace them all yourself. Make sure you and your gifts are covered.


With the holidays also comes cold weather—typically ice and snow. Naturally, you are going to shovel your driveway before family and friends arrive with holiday cheer, but sometimes ice is harder to manage. Icicles form on your roof and hang above your walkways, and ice puddles can form in no time. Don't risk something going wrong this holiday season. Take comfort in greeting your guests and the door and seeing them out, knowing they are protected should something happen.

Keep your friends, family and gifts safe under your roof. By taking the precautionary steps, you can enjoy yourself and not be concerned about potential accidents. Also, it is a gift that will last the entire year.

Call us at 215-677-2006 and GET A QUOTE for your Christmas Gift This Year !

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