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It's that dreaded time for your kids: the end of summer and the start of a new school year. A new grade in school doesn't just mean changes for them -- it means changes for you and perhaps even you insurance needs. With your kids getting older and a new school year beginning, now is a great time to evaluate your insurance before homework time commences.

Car Insurance

Is your child getting his or her license this year? Do you have someone in your family going off to college who is taking a car along? It's important to look into your different coverage options as your child grows up and moves out. Some insurance providers offer a good student discount that your young driver can take advantage of provided they maintain a certain grade point average.

If your child is an adult and is heading off to college, you'll have to decide if they are taking a vehicle with. If they are moving more than 100 miles away and aren't taking a vehicle, your insurance premiums could decrease by as much as 30 percent. If they are taking a car with them, your premiums may change due to the change in location.

Home Insurance

Your soon-to-be college grad is probably bringing expensive items along to their university like laptops, TVs and other electronics. Luckily, most home insurance policies that will cover these items if your child is staying in the dorms. However, if your child has lots of expensive equipment or furniture or is living off campus, you may want to consider purchasing additional coverage like renter's insurance.

Health Insurance

Schools are a cesspool for sharing germs, colds and flus. The best thing you can do for your child as they head off to learn is make sure you have a good health insurance policy so taking your child into the doctor won't be a financially stressful situation.

If you have a college-bound child, you have a couple of health insurance options. Children can stay on your health insurance policy until age 26, but your insurance policy may have geographical limitations that make it difficult for your child to find care under an in-network provider. Many college and universities have their own on-campus health care and health insurance, and some even offer free health care while your child is enrolled as a full-time student. If that isn't a possibility, your child can always apply for individual health insurance. Keep in mind, since they are still considered your dependent they may not qualify for a subsidy.

Back to school is a jump back into learning, so we would encourage you to learn about your insurance options to ensure your young loved ones have the coverage they need. Consult with a qualified insurance company , like Katrina Insurance, today if you're concerned about your insurance needs.

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